An overview of the Roblox’s game Escape Grandma House Obby

Roblox is an online game which is played on massive multiplayer mode. The main objective of this game is to create your own customized game by dragging and dropping from the Roblox menu and playing the games which are created by other players. There is an in-game cash known as the robux which you can get by winning or by buying them from the store. You can also add different types of dance moves or skateboard for flying and riding with other vehicles to make the game interesting and attract more players to play your game.

The game platform has become very much famous as well as the people who have created these games. Some of the games which are played are absolutely free and keeps the player hooked up to the game by challenging them with different kind of games. So here in this article let’s see the famous game created by the gamers. You can find a different kind of game of all sizes and shapes starting from shooting building to the party games. But one of the facts is that not all games which are present on this website are free or worth spending your time by playing.

An overview of the game

Escape Grandma House Obby: This game was created by the Backstabber Obbys. If you are thinking of playing any kind of classic performer then this is the perfect game for you. As you can know from the title the game will start in the house where the main character will be the grandmother. Here you will have to perform some jumping and make some cookies and navigate through the room and avoid the deadly balls of the yarn. You might find this game quite silly in the beginning but once you start playing you will realize that it is quite a tricky game which gets difficult with every leveling up. Here near about 1 million players are playing this game on regular basis. Some buy robux, some get away by using roblox cheats.

If you are a beginner then you can easily start this game. Unlike the shooting games, this game is less complicated and can be mastered easily. The animation of this game is quite interesting. It is a funny game to see how a grandmother is completing stages to survive. This is the perfect game for this kind of genre. If you win these games then you can also earn some in-game cash and use them for creating your own game.

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