Free Fire Battlegrounds featured with enough alternatives

Obviously, the game has gathered huge popularity in the gaming world and that has come of its advanced features. The fighter needs to learn all these before making a genuine try in the combat. As there is no mercy in any war field, there is hardly any retrieval if any mistake is committed. Even a wrong choice of weapon can be very costly for the fighter. On the other hand, if the gamer learns the various tricks and fights with proper and supply planning then battle becomes interesting and enterprising. The innovative ideas of the fighter are always an added advantage in the fighting. Sometimes the fighter needs to alter his plan with no loss of time otherwise the pre-planned strategies can fall upon heavily on the fighter.

Instead of hacks resort to weapons

It has been many a time that there is no scope for offenders to create any Free Fire Battlegrounds Cheats. So instead of believing the fake hacks try to build faith in your own efforts. Learning various weapons is very important in this action adventure game. Otherwise, a faulty selection of any weapon at the vital moment can spoil a spirited fight. Let us take up some advanced weapons of Free Fire Battlegrounds.

Assault Rifles can make you fight easier

AK, M4A1, M14, SCAR, SKS, and Groza are all assault rifles and each has 5 attachments. Some are used for medium or mediumhigh damage and some create high damage. The clip size of SKS is 10 and 15 for M14 and the rest of the assault rifles are 30. It must be noted that SKS is actually very close to sniper rifles and along with M14, it is a good choice in medium range battle. Remember M14 can also be used in longrange combats. Furthermore, these assault weapons are effective both in close and long range combats. When someone is not in the building and making a move, assault weapons are very effective. Out of the all assault weapons Groza is the best but this can found only in the airdrop crates.


Learn how to handle Shotguns and heavy weapons

Under this category, M249 can cause medium to high damage but have great clip size, which is 100. The others do not have that much clip size. M79 has only one and M1873 has 2 and the clip size of M1014 is 7. It must be kept in mind while fighting shotguns are very effective when the fighter has gone into a clean room or building. In close range firing, it is very effective. The shotguns are available all throughout the abandoned island. But be careful that you will not pick all. When you find a room you need not go inside if there is any doubt. In this case, you can blow down the room with M79 that actually belongs to grenade launcher category. When you see a room, blow a grenade and finish up all the enemies and move ahead in the battleground.

Heroes from Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legend Bang Bang has been a very popular online multiplayer game since its release on Android and iOS platforms. In this game, players basically choose their heroes and go on to battle with other players worldwide. Every hero has their own set of skills and players will be able to unlock their heroes while progressing in the game. There were a limited number of heroes available for the players in the past but with the frequent updates now the game Mobile Legends is filled up with all the latest heroes waiting for the players to unlock them. With the new hero’s players will have to make new strategies and new tactics to win the battles.


Lunox is one of the latest heroes which have two powers in them which include both chaos and order. Players can use both the powers of Lunox to win the battle when they are playing with this hero. Lunox basically has four skills which are more than an average hero and this is the reason why players have a better chance of winning when they are playing with her as the main character. Lenox is very much versatile in nature and it is able to damage the enemy very easily. Lunox is able to regenerate on her own and this is the reason it is very much hard to kill her and she is able to fight against an enemy for a long period of time. If you want to unlock her but you don’t have enough diamonds, we recommend you use a mobile legends hack ios (that’s if you are playing from an iphone).

Skills of Lunox

The skills of Lunox are as follows:

Dreamland Twist

The thing about Lunox is that it has no sense of reality or time and therefore she is not at all benefited from CD reduction effects. When it becomes darker the CD effect becomes like a magic pen. When the whole brilliance becomes stronger the CD effect also becomes very much resistant.

Starlight Pulse

Lunox generally rains star lights near the enemy with this which helps the enemies get magic damage. The damage, in this case, is about 220 points

Chaos Assault

Lunox basically unleashed chaotic energy which helps the enemy get about 260 damage points which eventually helps in slowing down the enemy troops

Cosmic Fussion

This magic damage gives about 360 damage points and the damage is being fanshaped.

Lunox is a very good option when you are going through a battle and playing with it will help you understand how the hero works and plan your strategies accordingly.

Know About the Weapons Available In Bullet Force

If you are a hard core gamer then, you must have heard about the game Bullet Force. Today, in this article we are going to learn about the various weapons that are available in the game.

The List of Weapons

Here are the complete lists of weapons that are available in the game:

M4A1 Overview: This is one of the primary weapons that are there in the game. This is given to the players automatically.

It has good stability

It can be used well when hip firing

It has a big clip size

It covers a decent range

AK-12 Overview: This particular weapon costs only 30000 silver in the game. It is the weakest primary range of weapons that are available in the game.

It has great stability

It covers a good range

MP412 REX Overview: This is a secondary weapon revolver that is available in the game.

It causes very high damage

Low cost

It has high stability

It covers a long range

It gives you high accuracy

FAMAS Overview: FAMAS is actually a submachine gun. It can cause great damage and it also covers quite a good range. In comparison to all the other weapons, it has the highest RPM. This is also the most used weapons in the game. It is a powerful weapon that is available at a cheap price. If you want expensive weapons, we recommend you use a bullet force hack.

It covers an excellent range

It has an insane fire rate

It has great stability

It gives you great accuracy

Tips to Use FAMAS

Here are some tips that may come in handy for you to use while using FAMAS:

This is a weapon that is used best with an assault strategy.

The fact that this weapon shoots a large number of bullets, it is known to bring heavy damage to the enemies. This will help you to assist in team matches.

You should aim for the upper chest or the neck area when attacking an enemy. You can also go for headshots when attacking from a mid-range distance.

You can use a quick knife with FAMAS. It proves to be very useful.

So these are some of the main weapons that are available in the game of Bullet Force. Now that you know about the weapons, it will be easier for you to choose the right weapon for yourself in the game.

An overview of the Roblox’s game Escape Grandma House Obby

Roblox is an online game which is played on massive multiplayer mode. The main objective of this game is to create your own customized game by dragging and dropping from the Roblox menu and playing the games which are created by other players. There is an in-game cash known as the robux which you can get by winning or by buying them from the store. You can also add different types of dance moves or skateboard for flying and riding with other vehicles to make the game interesting and attract more players to play your game.

The game platform has become very much famous as well as the people who have created these games. Some of the games which are played are absolutely free and keeps the player hooked up to the game by challenging them with different kind of games. So here in this article let’s see the famous game created by the gamers. You can find a different kind of game of all sizes and shapes starting from shooting building to the party games. But one of the facts is that not all games which are present on this website are free or worth spending your time by playing.

An overview of the game

Escape Grandma House Obby: This game was created by the Backstabber Obbys. If you are thinking of playing any kind of classic performer then this is the perfect game for you. As you can know from the title the game will start in the house where the main character will be the grandmother. Here you will have to perform some jumping and make some cookies and navigate through the room and avoid the deadly balls of the yarn. You might find this game quite silly in the beginning but once you start playing you will realize that it is quite a tricky game which gets difficult with every leveling up. Here near about 1 million players are playing this game on regular basis. Some buy robux, some get away by using roblox cheats.

If you are a beginner then you can easily start this game. Unlike the shooting games, this game is less complicated and can be mastered easily. The animation of this game is quite interesting. It is a funny game to see how a grandmother is completing stages to survive. This is the perfect game for this kind of genre. If you win these games then you can also earn some in-game cash and use them for creating your own game.

Clash Royale game tips for the beginners

Are you a beginner and looking for a guide that helps you in playing the world-renowned game Clash Royale? Then you have visited the right place. We are going to tell you about the tips that help a beginner in standing the game well. DO you know that this is a most popular game; players can play this game on their android and ios devices. For all those people who just started playing this game here are tips and tricks that make their gaming sections easy.

Tips for the beginners

From the starting, you should try to create balance among the mix of the units there don’t go with the strong units that cost great deals in the elixir.

If your enemy is putting you in the pressure or uses to attack your continuously then don’t get panic there. Hold your patience there time comes in which you got the chance to win the game.

In the game, if certain points only a few minutes remain then don’t drop your units forward immediately. There the first thing that you have to do is to pay attention to the facts. See whether your king’s towers and your towers are protected or not.

Deck tips for playing the Clash Royale

One who is interested in enters into the game need not only the sophisticated tactics, but with that, they also need a good deck in the game. However, to get success in the game, you have to follow the guidelines and use a clash royale gems generator:

As we mentioned in the above points in the beginner tips, don’t try to fight the battle with the expensive units of the game. Try to maintain the balance between the cheap and the expensive units so that you can fight the battle appropriately.

Choose that card which fit your fighting preference. In case if you are playing the game aggressively choose that units which move quickly in the fight. Besides this, the one who is playing with the defensive tactics must choose the one by which they can stand along with a lot of damage.

Know about your elixir so that you can get to know about the time that it is going to take for getting the down card. The lower of the elixir time, the better a player can perform.

Tactics and strategies to win the Clash Royale

Somehow the players who never react frequently on their enemy action, instead of that they send the few units on the battle they have no chance to be there in the game for long. The players who are there in the match should know how to create the match interesting. There you can go with some simple strategies:

Shield out your troops with the strongest combat

Destroy the enemy tower and continue your attacking range and confirm your victory in the game

Choose the unit that shields out tower very well

Clash Royale is loaded with some of the good features, to w-in the game you need to know where to use your units or resources of the game.

Looking for a Good Smartphone?

I wanted a phone that did everything that a blackberry did. So i was going to get a blackberry. But i noticed that Nokia had some phones that looked similar, that were cheaper, so i decided to compare them.

I found that the Nokia E Series can do everything a Blackberry can, except that they do not have that annoying trackpad thing, but a more comfortable D-pad. They also cannot send messages via BBM, but there IS a way to receive them!

There are applications available for these phones, just as on a Blackberry. The operating system is Symbian, rather than Blackberry, but there are still thousands of applications available to do absolutely anything. Nokia itself has recently opened an app store, which contains many many free apps which are very easy to download straight from your handset.

The Nokia E63 and E71 are the ones i would like to focus on. They were designed as business phones, but with some fun. The difference between them is that the E63 does not have SatNav, while the E71 does. However, there is another method of getting directions/finding yourself on maps and so on called trigulation, which is actually just as good, and often faster than the current GPS network in the UK. I think that the keypads on these phones are actually nicer to use than that of the Blackberry Bold and Curve.

The E63 is available for only £15 a month from 3, with UNLIMITED internet UNLIMITED texts and UNLIMITED 3 to 3 calls. The E71 is available for the same things but for £20 a month. Both are 18 month contracts, with no up-front charge. I think that the E63 is far better value for money.

The Blackberry costs more, and you get less.

I would also recommend the E series Nokias over the iPhone – they cost FAR FAR FAR less, and iPhones can only have one app open at a time, cannot bluetooth to all your friends without iphones, and the keypads are annoying.

Mafia Wars: Ways to Obtain Untraceable Cell Phones Many Haven’t Thought of Before

With the recent release of Bangkok in Facebook Mafia Wars, untraceable cell phones have been in very high demand due to the amount of untraceable cell phones needed to complete jobs in Bangkok. Here are several ways to obtain untraceable cell phones in Mafia Wars.
Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; daily chance tickets:

Maximize the daily chance to be able to enter at least 13 tickets a week by using ticket mastery bonus to your advantage. On average, several tickets should have one winning number and produce consumable loot items. Concealable camera, computer setup, blackmail photos, untraceable cell phone, and illegal transaction records are common rewards.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; random job loot:

Occasionally, a loot drop selection is offered while performing jobs. The facebook mafia wars player is given three choices with items usually weapon loot, collection loot, boosts, and consumable loot items. The Mafia Wars player is given the option to share the loot and publish a post to his facebook wall which his friends can click on to gain an additional of same item each.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; friends’ loot drops:

Mafia wars players can gain untraceable cell phones by following their friends’ activity and clicking to gain untraceable cell phones should their friends uncover a stash of untraceable cell phones on a job.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phones in Mafia Wars; free gifting:

Mafia Wars players can select to give thirty free gifts daily to their friends. Having a bigger mafia means more friends who gift you gifts. There is also an option when receiving a gift to send a free same type of gift at no expense back to the gifter. Close friends can thus opt to follow through so you each receive an untraceable cell phone.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; rob the electronics store:

A job in the New York enforcer tier, Rob an electronics store, costs 21 energy to perform but always produces a consumable loot item. Untraceable cell phones can be obtained fairly frequently this way, but because it uses job energy that could better be used elsewhere, this should be a last resort.

Ten untraceable cell phones can be purchased on the marketplace for 20 reward points ($4.76 USD value) but with the above options, this should no longer be necessary.

Game Review: Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel is a virtual world for teens and young adults, Habbo was created by a company in Finland called Sulake Labs. Habbo’s original owners were Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä of Finland, Habbo originally launched in 1999 with the name Mobiles Disco, the virtual world was originally created for Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä friend’s band at the time and has a success since.

Does Habbo Hotel cost money?
Habbo is free to register and to access, but in order to get membership,extra clothes, or furniture it costs habbo credits, or “Coins”. Habbo credits can be purchased with many types of currency. Some of these currency’s include UK Pounds sterling, Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Australian dollars.

Is there more than one Habbo hotel?
Habbo Hotel is a wide spread international phenomenon, their are over 30 Habbo Hotels to choose from, including United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Mexico, And even Norway.

Whats inside the hotel?
Inside Habbo you can make and decorate guest rooms with furniture, chat and meet new people, trade and sell furniture, compete in weekly competitions and more!!!!

Regarding the Injustice 2 Hack

Games are the best part of a human being. When someone loves a game and complete it then he wonders if he could play more. Then you must be happy after listening name of injustice 2. Injustice 2 is a sequence of fighting video game Injustice. This game is developed by NetherRealm Studios and released in May 2017. Its first sequel was launched in 2013. You can play this game on most of the every platform like PlayStation 4 and Xbox. This game is also released for Smartphone who operate on Android and IOS. This game is based on DC comic superheroes. If you have ever played injustice then you must know a lot about this game. There are all characters of this game and every character has its own fighting style. You can play this game single player or with an opponent. If you are lacking from getting coins and gems and then you can use Injustice 2 hack.

Importance of using injustice 2 hack

There are many reasons that you need to use these tools.

  • When you want to get unlimited coins and gems but you keep lagging so you can get lots of free coins and gems by this way.
  • If you have lots of gold coins then you can buy characters and not only this, you can also buy support cards and booster packages.
  • You can easily complete this game and be a hero in front of your friends.
  • You will be having unlimited gems which mean you can easily upgrade your characters and you will be doing this so easy because you have already purchased characters with the help of unlimited golden coins.
  • A new thing is introduced in this game called SIM. So you can unlimited SIM with the help of this. You will get to know about SIM after playing so don’t worry about this.

Features of injustice 2 hack

This is not just a hack tool. This tool have many features, feature of this tools are

  • This tool is anti-ban. You may know about this feature but this feature helps your gaming account from getting banned. Many websites offer this tool but they don’t have protection like anti-ban.
  • This tool is designed to work without eve downloading it. So you don’t have to download any app of something. Just do it online.

How injustice 2 hack work

Visit a trusted website and then click on start hacking button. Enter your username and then select your device. Then you will be asked some questions. Fill them according to your need. Most of the question will be about coins, gems, and SIM you want. Enter according to your need and then click on generate. Now just wait for few seconds and you will see a message saying coins and gems added successfully in your account and now just open your game. You will see coins and gems already added in your account.

The 10 Worst Video Game Endings of All-time

The number one way that a movie industry can enrage the fans is to reward them with a horrible ending to their game. There is no way around it. On one hand a great game is kind of soured by a bad ending. On the other side if a video gamer has to endure a crappy game they at least want a good ending. These are 10 games that didn’t make video gamers happy because they are the 10 worst video game endings.
10. Shadowrun (Super Nintendo)
A the end of Shadowrun the hero has finally come face to face with bad guys and must blow up their base. The hero escapes to a helicopter just in time and flies off. We expect the the entire building to explode dramatically but instead there is just a a very small explosion that only blows out one window. That’s it We couldn’t blow up something bigger?

9. River City Ransom (NES)
River City Ransom is a typical example of some of the frustrating earlier games. You’d spend hours and hours trying to beat the game and then when you finally did it would either just say congratulations or game over and that was it.

8. Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES)
At some point in your life you’ve probably come across somebody that found out about one of your inside jokes. They were late learning about the joke so they continue to use the joke long after it stopped being funny. That was Super Mario Brothers 3. In the first Super Mario Brothers game players were jerked around when every time they defeated Bowser they were told the princess was in another castle. It was a running gag among Mario fans for a long time but it was no longer funny when Nintendo decided to tell the joke at the end of Super Mario Brothers 3 by saying, “Our princess is in another castle…Just kidding! He he.”

7. P. O. W. (NES)
It’s bad enough when all your hard work isn’t appreciated but in POW they couldn’t even get that right. The word Congradulations flashed on the screen.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game was also similar but instead of saying congratulations or game over it says “the Adventures of the TMNT is concluded. It has been concluded? That sounds like he just got done showing us a tour of a boring museum, not a video game.

5. Dragon Warrior (NES)
There are two different ways you can go when you meet the Dragonlord in Dragon Warrior. You have the option of fighting him or joining him. Fighting him will you get a “congratulations” ending and joining him will simply make the screen go black.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)
When the Sega unveiled Sonic the Hedgehog to the world they had a chance to replace Mario as the video game icon. Sonic the Hedgehog was not as clean and family friendly. Sonic was hip and cool. But the Genesis completely ruined that by having Sonic the Hedgehog win and then decided to frolic through the forest with all the furry little animals.

3. Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES)
The second Super Mario Brothers game was completely different from the first and was really enjoyable but the ending was dumb. Mario is seen in bed sleeping and then suddenly he awakens to find he dreamed the whole thing.

2. Contra (NES)
Contra also gives you a very unrewarding finish. The reason I’d rank this one worse is simply because Contra was so difficult and such a classic game that it deserved to have a great ending more than the rest of the games on this list.

1. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (NES)
Mike Tyson might have been the boss I had the toughest time beating in the history of video games. My reward was Mike Tyson saying congratulations and then breaking character and saying that my fingers are quick. It’s like even in defeat Tyson didn’t want to admit that he lost a boxing match, it was just some silly video game. Whatever Tyson, I knocked you out punk.