Free Fire Battlegrounds featured with enough alternatives

Obviously, the game has gathered huge popularity in the gaming world and that has come of its advanced features. The fighter needs to learn all these before making a genuine try in the combat. As there is no mercy in any war field, there is hardly any retrieval if any mistake is committed. Even a wrong choice of weapon can be very costly for the fighter. On the other hand, if the gamer learns the various tricks and fights with proper and supply planning then battle becomes interesting and enterprising. The innovative ideas of the fighter are always an added advantage in the fighting. Sometimes the fighter needs to alter his plan with no loss of time otherwise the pre-planned strategies can fall upon heavily on the fighter.

Instead of hacks resort to weapons

It has been many a time that there is no scope for offenders to create any Free Fire Battlegrounds Cheats. So instead of believing the fake hacks try to build faith in your own efforts. Learning various weapons is very important in this action adventure game. Otherwise, a faulty selection of any weapon at the vital moment can spoil a spirited fight. Let us take up some advanced weapons of Free Fire Battlegrounds.

Assault Rifles can make you fight easier

AK, M4A1, M14, SCAR, SKS, and Groza are all assault rifles and each has 5 attachments. Some are used for medium or mediumhigh damage and some create high damage. The clip size of SKS is 10 and 15 for M14 and the rest of the assault rifles are 30. It must be noted that SKS is actually very close to sniper rifles and along with M14, it is a good choice in medium range battle. Remember M14 can also be used in longrange combats. Furthermore, these assault weapons are effective both in close and long range combats. When someone is not in the building and making a move, assault weapons are very effective. Out of the all assault weapons Groza is the best but this can found only in the airdrop crates.


Learn how to handle Shotguns and heavy weapons

Under this category, M249 can cause medium to high damage but have great clip size, which is 100. The others do not have that much clip size. M79 has only one and M1873 has 2 and the clip size of M1014 is 7. It must be kept in mind while fighting shotguns are very effective when the fighter has gone into a clean room or building. In close range firing, it is very effective. The shotguns are available all throughout the abandoned island. But beĀ careful that you will not pick all. When you find a room you need not go inside if there is any doubt. In this case, you can blow down the room with M79 that actually belongs to grenade launcher category. When you see a room, blow a grenade and finish up all the enemies and move ahead in the battleground.

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