Game Review: Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel is a virtual world for teens and young adults, Habbo was created by a company in Finland called Sulake Labs. Habbo’s original owners were Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä of Finland, Habbo originally launched in 1999 with the name Mobiles Disco, the virtual world was originally created for Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä friend’s band at the time and has a success since.

Does Habbo Hotel cost money?
Habbo is free to register and to access, but in order to get membership,extra clothes, or furniture it costs habbo credits, or “Coins”. Habbo credits can be purchased with many types of currency. Some of these currency’s include UK Pounds sterling, Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Australian dollars.

Is there more than one Habbo hotel?
Habbo Hotel is a wide spread international phenomenon, their are over 30 Habbo Hotels to choose from, including United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Mexico, And even Norway.

Whats inside the hotel?
Inside Habbo you can make and decorate guest rooms with furniture, chat and meet new people, trade and sell furniture, compete in weekly competitions and more!!!!

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