Heroes from Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legend Bang Bang has been a very popular online multiplayer game since its release on Android and iOS platforms. In this game, players basically choose their heroes and go on to battle with other players worldwide. Every hero has their own set of skills and players will be able to unlock their heroes while progressing in the game. There were a limited number of heroes available for the players in the past but with the frequent updates now the game Mobile Legends is filled up with all the latest heroes waiting for the players to unlock them. With the new hero’s players will have to make new strategies and new tactics to win the battles.


Lunox is one of the latest heroes which have two powers in them which include both chaos and order. Players can use both the powers of Lunox to win the battle when they are playing with this hero. Lunox basically has four skills which are more than an average hero and this is the reason why players have a better chance of winning when they are playing with her as the main character. Lenox is very much versatile in nature and it is able to damage the enemy very easily. Lunox is able to regenerate on her own and this is the reason it is very much hard to kill her and she is able to fight against an enemy for a long period of time. If you want to unlock her but you don’t have enough diamonds, we recommend you use a mobile legends hack ios (that’s if you are playing from an iphone).

Skills of Lunox

The skills of Lunox are as follows:

Dreamland Twist

The thing about Lunox is that it has no sense of reality or time and therefore she is not at all benefited from CD reduction effects. When it becomes darker the CD effect becomes like a magic pen. When the whole brilliance becomes stronger the CD effect also becomes very much resistant.

Starlight Pulse

Lunox generally rains star lights near the enemy with this which helps the enemies get magic damage. The damage, in this case, is about 220 points

Chaos Assault

Lunox basically unleashed chaotic energy which helps the enemy get about 260 damage points which eventually helps in slowing down the enemy troops

Cosmic Fussion

This magic damage gives about 360 damage points and the damage is being fanshaped.

Lunox is a very good option when you are going through a battle and playing with it will help you understand how the hero works and plan your strategies accordingly.

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