Know About the Weapons Available In Bullet Force

If you are a hard core gamer then, you must have heard about the game Bullet Force. Today, in this article we are going to learn about the various weapons that are available in the game.

The List of Weapons

Here are the complete lists of weapons that are available in the game:

M4A1 Overview: This is one of the primary weapons that are there in the game. This is given to the players automatically.

It has good stability

It can be used well when hip firing

It has a big clip size

It covers a decent range

AK-12 Overview: This particular weapon costs only 30000 silver in the game. It is the weakest primary range of weapons that are available in the game.

It has great stability

It covers a good range

MP412 REX Overview: This is a secondary weapon revolver that is available in the game.

It causes very high damage

Low cost

It has high stability

It covers a long range

It gives you high accuracy

FAMAS Overview: FAMAS is actually a submachine gun. It can cause great damage and it also covers quite a good range. In comparison to all the other weapons, it has the highest RPM. This is also the most used weapons in the game. It is a powerful weapon that is available at a cheap price. If you want expensive weapons, we recommend you use a bullet force hack.

It covers an excellent range

It has an insane fire rate

It has great stability

It gives you great accuracy

Tips to Use FAMAS

Here are some tips that may come in handy for you to use while using FAMAS:

This is a weapon that is used best with an assault strategy.

The fact that this weapon shoots a large number of bullets, it is known to bring heavy damage to the enemies. This will help you to assist in team matches.

You should aim for the upper chest or the neck area when attacking an enemy. You can also go for headshots when attacking from a mid-range distance.

You can use a quick knife with FAMAS. It proves to be very useful.

So these are some of the main weapons that are available in the game of Bullet Force. Now that you know about the weapons, it will be easier for you to choose the right weapon for yourself in the game.

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