Looking for a Good Smartphone?

I wanted a phone that did everything that a blackberry did. So i was going to get a blackberry. But i noticed that Nokia had some phones that looked similar, that were cheaper, so i decided to compare them.

I found that the Nokia E Series can do everything a Blackberry can, except that they do not have that annoying trackpad thing, but a more comfortable D-pad. They also cannot send messages via BBM, but there IS a way to receive them!

There are applications available for these phones, just as on a Blackberry. The operating system is Symbian, rather than Blackberry, but there are still thousands of applications available to do absolutely anything. Nokia itself has recently opened an app store, which contains many many free apps which are very easy to download straight from your handset.

The Nokia E63 and E71 are the ones i would like to focus on. They were designed as business phones, but with some fun. The difference between them is that the E63 does not have SatNav, while the E71 does. However, there is another method of getting directions/finding yourself on maps and so on called trigulation, which is actually just as good, and often faster than the current GPS network in the UK. I think that the keypads on these phones are actually nicer to use than that of the Blackberry Bold and Curve.

The E63 is available for only £15 a month from 3, with UNLIMITED internet UNLIMITED texts and UNLIMITED 3 to 3 calls. The E71 is available for the same things but for £20 a month. Both are 18 month contracts, with no up-front charge. I think that the E63 is far better value for money.

The Blackberry costs more, and you get less.

I would also recommend the E series Nokias over the iPhone – they cost FAR FAR FAR less, and iPhones can only have one app open at a time, cannot bluetooth to all your friends without iphones, and the keypads are annoying.

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