Mafia Wars: Ways to Obtain Untraceable Cell Phones Many Haven’t Thought of Before

With the recent release of Bangkok in Facebook Mafia Wars, untraceable cell phones have been in very high demand due to the amount of untraceable cell phones needed to complete jobs in Bangkok. Here are several ways to obtain untraceable cell phones in Mafia Wars.
Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; daily chance tickets:

Maximize the daily chance to be able to enter at least 13 tickets a week by using ticket mastery bonus to your advantage. On average, several tickets should have one winning number and produce consumable loot items. Concealable camera, computer setup, blackmail photos, untraceable cell phone, and illegal transaction records are common rewards.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; random job loot:

Occasionally, a loot drop selection is offered while performing jobs. The facebook mafia wars player is given three choices with items usually weapon loot, collection loot, boosts, and consumable loot items. The Mafia Wars player is given the option to share the loot and publish a post to his facebook wall which his friends can click on to gain an additional of same item each.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; friends’ loot drops:

Mafia wars players can gain untraceable cell phones by following their friends’ activity and clicking to gain untraceable cell phones should their friends uncover a stash of untraceable cell phones on a job.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phones in Mafia Wars; free gifting:

Mafia Wars players can select to give thirty free gifts daily to their friends. Having a bigger mafia means more friends who gift you gifts. There is also an option when receiving a gift to send a free same type of gift at no expense back to the gifter. Close friends can thus opt to follow through so you each receive an untraceable cell phone.

Method to obtain untraceable cell phone in Mafia Wars; rob the electronics store:

A job in the New York enforcer tier, Rob an electronics store, costs 21 energy to perform but always produces a consumable loot item. Untraceable cell phones can be obtained fairly frequently this way, but because it uses job energy that could better be used elsewhere, this should be a last resort.

Ten untraceable cell phones can be purchased on the marketplace for 20 reward points ($4.76 USD value) but with the above options, this should no longer be necessary.

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