The 10 Worst Video Game Endings of All-time

The number one way that a movie industry can enrage the fans is to reward them with a horrible ending to their game. There is no way around it. On one hand a great game is kind of soured by a bad ending. On the other side if a video gamer has to endure a crappy game they at least want a good ending. These are 10 games that didn’t make video gamers happy because they are the 10 worst video game endings.
10. Shadowrun (Super Nintendo)
A the end of Shadowrun the hero has finally come face to face with bad guys and must blow up their base. The hero escapes to a helicopter just in time and flies off. We expect the the entire building to explode dramatically but instead there is just a a very small explosion that only blows out one window. That’s it We couldn’t blow up something bigger?

9. River City Ransom (NES)
River City Ransom is a typical example of some of the frustrating earlier games. You’d spend hours and hours trying to beat the game and then when you finally did it would either just say congratulations or game over and that was it.

8. Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES)
At some point in your life you’ve probably come across somebody that found out about one of your inside jokes. They were late learning about the joke so they continue to use the joke long after it stopped being funny. That was Super Mario Brothers 3. In the first Super Mario Brothers game players were jerked around when every time they defeated Bowser they were told the princess was in another castle. It was a running gag among Mario fans for a long time but it was no longer funny when Nintendo decided to tell the joke at the end of Super Mario Brothers 3 by saying, “Our princess is in another castle…Just kidding! He he.”

7. P. O. W. (NES)
It’s bad enough when all your hard work isn’t appreciated but in POW they couldn’t even get that right. The word Congradulations flashed on the screen.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game was also similar but instead of saying congratulations or game over it says “the Adventures of the TMNT is concluded. It has been concluded? That sounds like he just got done showing us a tour of a boring museum, not a video game.

5. Dragon Warrior (NES)
There are two different ways you can go when you meet the Dragonlord in Dragon Warrior. You have the option of fighting him or joining him. Fighting him will you get a “congratulations” ending and joining him will simply make the screen go black.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)
When the Sega unveiled Sonic the Hedgehog to the world they had a chance to replace Mario as the video game icon. Sonic the Hedgehog was not as clean and family friendly. Sonic was hip and cool. But the Genesis completely ruined that by having Sonic the Hedgehog win and then decided to frolic through the forest with all the furry little animals.

3. Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES)
The second Super Mario Brothers game was completely different from the first and was really enjoyable but the ending was dumb. Mario is seen in bed sleeping and then suddenly he awakens to find he dreamed the whole thing.

2. Contra (NES)
Contra also gives you a very unrewarding finish. The reason I’d rank this one worse is simply because Contra was so difficult and such a classic game that it deserved to have a great ending more than the rest of the games on this list.

1. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (NES)
Mike Tyson might have been the boss I had the toughest time beating in the history of video games. My reward was Mike Tyson saying congratulations and then breaking character and saying that my fingers are quick. It’s like even in defeat Tyson didn’t want to admit that he lost a boxing match, it was just some silly video game. Whatever Tyson, I knocked you out punk.

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