Where to Play Typer Shark Games Online

Typer Shark can be played online for free – there are many trials available. Some even more than the hour that is usually offered of free play. Typer shark not only improves you typing, but gives you a fun advantage while trying to do so. It is the perfect game for people of all ages, as it goes on and on – and since it has “teeth” it surpasses the quality of those bland typing tutors. I was hesitant to give it a try, but learned that my accuracy needed some work! The result being my newly found addiction to this ravenous game!
Check out Typer Shark on Yahoo Games for a free trial download of one hour. Find it at www.yahoo.com to try your free version today. The expert level is for the seasoned typers and yahoo offers the fastest speeds. Yahoo games offer the least offensive mandatory downloads with the trial, unlike other game sites like real arcade. At the price of $19.99 (competitive with other sites) and offers the ability to play it on the internet, as well as downloading the trial version, or the full version.

Try Games.com for another free hour of Typer Shark – You can find the website at www.games.com and a simple search for “Typer shark” will yield the results that we all crave to increase our speed and improve our typing. You can download the free trial rather quickly, because it is just over six megabytes, and the deluxe version is a mere $19.99.

Shockwave at; www.shockwave.com has a great version of Typer Shark that has quick downloading times, and good loading times with a good version of the graphics. The site is easy to navigate, and a simple Google search for “Typer Shark” will bring it up in the first couple of site indexes. The game at shockwave is also the same fee as the others, $19.99 – pretty standard price – and comes with software required to run the game. Shockwave is the quickest download, and the smallest size.

Real Arcade games offer Typer Shark at www.realarcade.com but it is slower of a download than the other sites but I would assume because of the software, the real arcade software that is downloaded along with it. At Real Arcade the download begins immediately, and is an easy download process. Real Arcade offered the best game play experience – out of the four that I have tried.

The best part of it is – that as well as playing online, and downloading trials there are many sites that offer packages for multiple purchased games and lowers the prices of the games to as little as six dollars per game! Try them all today; some will let you play more than an hour!

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